Sense and sensibility in one fund

Choosing the KOKO fund is a sensible decision, when preparing yourself for a possible unemployment period. It is also a sensitive decision, providing a humane approach and support to carry you through the harder times.

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Strikes and earnings-related unemployment allowance

If your work is prevented due to a strike, your right to earnings-related unemployment allowance during the strike depends on whether the strike is dependent on your terms of employment or working conditions. If you are on strike yourself (also applies to a solidarity strike), you are not entitled...


TE Offices’ new customer service model enters into force in May – changes to the job search obligation and suspension periods

As of 2 May 2022, a new customer service model will be introduced at TE Offices and municipalities included in the local government pilot. In the new model, jobseekers must, as a rule, apply for at least four jobs during a one-month review period.


Phone service opening hours during easter

KOKO fund’s phone service is open on Thursday 14.4. from 10 till 14. The phone service is closed 15.–18.4. Happy Easter!


Student, remember the unemployment fund membership when starting your summer job

As a student, you can join the unemployment fund if you are in paid employment. When you are a member of the fund, you accumulate earnings-related unemployment security for yourself during your studies.


Thirty-seven per cent of recipients of KOKO’s earnings-related unemployment allowance are aged over 60

The most prominent group in the age structure of KOKO’s allowance recipients have been persons aged over 50. In February, up to 37.1% of the recipients of earnings-related unemployment allowance were aged 60 to 67. When you add persons aged over 50, this age group accounts for 58.2% of...


KOKO is closely monitoring developments in the employment situation

Russia's military action in Ukraine also has a wide impact on business. Its impact on the employment situation of KOKO’s members is not yet known for certain, but KOKO is closely monitoring the development of the situation. At the moment, the employment situation of KOKO’s members is good.


Employment rate of KOKO members increased in 2021

The employment rate of KOKO’s members increased rapidly in 2021 and returned close to pre-pandemic levels.


Temporary change to the waiting period rule approved

The amendment allows the payment of unemployment benefit to unemployed or laid-off persons during the five-day waiting period. This amendment will apply in cases where the first day of the waiting period falls on the period between 1 January and 28 February 2022.

This is how it goes.

Without highly educated people, there would not be any development. Nothing would change and Finnish society would come to a halt. That is why the highly educated need a supportive fund to guard their interests at all times.

Are you turning the wheels of development? Join KOKO! Together with the unions, we work every day to provide you with better possibilities to take yourself and Finland further.

This is how we support our members:

  • For example, if you lose your job, we will pay you earnings-related allowance. You can estimate the amount of your allowance with our calculator.

  • Together with the unions, we help secure the position of the highly educated in the labour market.

  • We serve our customers swiftly and professionally in various situations.

A trade union adds security.

Belonging to a union gives you more security. Trade unions usually offer legal services, courses to support employment, coaching events, advice and numerous other member benefits. The unemployment fund of the trade unions shown below is KOKO. Find your own union and join us.

  • Akavan Yleinen Ryhmä, logo.
  • Ingenjörerna i Finland DIFF ry, logo.
  • Insinööriliitto IL ry, logo.
  • Rakennusinsinöörit ja -arkkitehdit RIA, logo.
  • Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA, logo.
  • Suomen Optometrian Ammattilaiset ry, logo.
  • The Finnish Pharmacists' Society, logo.
  • Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL, logo.
  • TEKin logo
  • Professionals of Business and Technology TRAL ry, logo.
  • Yksityisalojen Esimiehet ja Asiantuntijat YTY, logo.

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